Mobile Voice, Text & Data

Our data services backbone on the fastest 4G LTE network, coupled with best in class devices, can transport your data quickly and securely wherever you need it.  Whether it’s mission critical applications, emails or web based, we have the bandwidth to serve you best.

Mobile Device Management

With our MDM solution, keeping up with corporate users devices (or BYOD) is easily managed.  Whether you need to simply push out applications, remote wipe/disable devices, block certain applications or web sites from users, send company wide text messages, we have the best in class solution.


IoT continues to revolutionize business, providing the ability monitor, in real time, any connected device.   Because of this ingenious innovation, devices stay in touch with one another leading to greater efficiency, improved productivity.   These solutions are enabling businesses to better respond to threats and changes by monitoring devices in real time.

Fleet & Asset Tracking

The ability to locate corporate vehicles goes beyond managing your physical assets.  In addition to having real time data and visibility of your vehicles, our solutions offer customized routes for increased fuel efficiency, customizable alerts (like seatbelt use), robust reporting, maintenance reminders and many other customizable options.  We have plug and play options and hard wired devices to manage your assets, not just your fleet.


What happens when your business primary connection goes down?   How much does 30 minutes of lost time in the office cost your business?  With our failover solution, our router directly into your primary connection, and, if you lose internet service, we automatically keep you connected via our 4G LTE internet connection.  Staying connected is paramount for business, and we’ve got you covered.


Looking for a better way to handle device purchases – from tablets to phones to data connectivity?  Do you need a non stocked or custom devices; for example, intrinsically safe devices?  Do you need a mix of devices, across multiple carriers, and someone to manage the project, devices and streamline it for you?  Let our experience in this industry serve you.  We can research and procure custom solutions, non stocked devices, or provide consulting services for any telecom project you have.