Thank you for stopping by. We’ll preface this by letting you know we’re rebranding, and our web site will be updated very soon. Here’s a little about us, how we came to be, and what sets apart from everyone else.

Perhaps it was because I spent more hours on the phone in middle school than any human ever should, or because I received more busy dialup connections in high school than most, but my passion has always been telecom.  Pretty odd passion, I know.  

When I started my professional career in 2001, of course, it would be with “the phone company.”  Starting out in a consumer call center role, I was boots on the ground. Listening to customer issues all day, everyday, I quickly learned that most people have strong feelings toward “the phone company,” based on experiences. What’s unique, specifically, about the telecom industry is how personal and strong these feelings are – because unlike public utilities – there is competition, an ever changing ecosystem, and it fulfills a significant human need.

Imagine a life without telecom. Imagine a life where snail mail and in person to person communications were the only options. Connectivity – which has changed significantly over the years – will always be relevant. It will always be changing. It will always be a paramount need, specifically among businesses.

I eventually moving into a business account manager role, among several major carriers, and I realized connectivity really was my passion.   I have lost sleep over phone bills, service outages and the like, and network buildout, increased data speeds and technology disruptors excite me far more than most.

At Titanium Wireless, our vision is to transform connectivity and the customer experience.  What if calling the phone company didn’t have to be so painful?  What if you could have the best network coverage and data speeds, with best in class concierge level service and support ? What if you had one point of contact who always answered your call, text or email?

Great news – you can.

That’s who we are and what we do here at Titanium.  Bringing the latest and greatest technology solutions to our clients with unparalleled service and support. We want to become your trusted technology partner.  

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Thanks for stopping by,

Jessica Rhodes

Founder & CEO